Protaper next.. Time to shift to a flexible performance.


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Zaazou

  • Master of Science in Endodontics Faculty of Dentistry Alexandria University.
  • PhD in Endodontics Faculty of Dentistry Alexandria University.
  • Professor of Endodontics & Head of Endodontic Division Faculty of Dentistry Alexandria University .
  • Member of the Egyptian Association of Endodontics .
  • Official scientific speaker and opinion leader for Maillefer Dentsply

Course title:

Protaper next.. Time to shift to a flexible performance


AIDC 2016 conference

Course Date:

Friday 4/11/2016


The course will address:

  • Understanding the basis of mechanical and biological objectives .
  • The importance of glide path and how to perfect it with available hand and rotary instruments available such as pathfiles or pro.glider.
  • Understanding the material science as well as the technique on how to use the ProTaper next rotary instruments in a simplified and effective approach.
  • Emphasis will be placed on techniques in preparation of curved, narrow & calcified canals with emphasis on different types of dentin involved through the use of C plus files.
  • Recent irrigation protocols and activation techniques with a demo on the use of endoactivator system .
  • The role of lubricants and chelators in recent canal preparation.
  • Also candidates will be able to see a demo on such instruments as well as obturation of canals by protaper next cones.


This course includes:

Hands on


Please note:
Candidates should bring extracted multi-rooted teeth with optimized access cavities prepared preferably mandibular or maxillary molars or through the use of transparent blocks.



For more details please contact us:

Course co-ordinator:Nouran Tarek


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