Piezotome Applications in Advanced Implantology


V.Prof Angelo Troedhan  DDr, DMD, MD, PhD

  • Oral & Maxillofacial surgery Consultant- Vienna- Austria
  • Senior OMF-Surgeon at Emergency Room of “Wilhelminen”-Hospital of Vienna – Austria
  • Senior OMF-Surgeon at Hospital „Barmherzige Brüder“ Eisenstadt – Austria
  • Senior OMF-Surgeon at Private Hospital „Confraternität” – Vienna – Austria
  • Univ.Prof. OMF-Surgery-Department of the University Sancti Spiritus / Cuba and the
  • International University for Medecine Vientiane/Laos
  • President of International Academy for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology (IAUSI)
  • Founding member of TKW-Research-Group (Dr. Trödhan, Dr. Kurrek/GER, Dr. Wainwright GER),
  • Co-patent holder of the IntraLift™ procedure
  • Certified Moderator of the Austrian Board of Dentists

Course date: 1-2/11


Assistant Lecturer of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery – Alexandria University


  • Get aware about ultrasonic bone surgery, its benefits in comparison with conventional bone surgery.
  • Mechanism of action of piezotome.
  • Different applications of Piezotome in Dentistry.
  • Atraumatic extraction with Piezotome.
  • Piezotome ridge splitting for single stage management of narrow ridges.
  • Piezotome Lateral sinus lift procedure.
  • Hydrodynamic sinus lift via crestal approach – Internal Sinus Lift-


Only 10 doctors are able to operate patients in need for sinus lift or crest splitting under local anesthesia at university clinic supervised by Prof Troedhan and his team.

We will supply everything needed for your surgery including: piezotome devices, tips, implants, bone grafts depending on each case treatment plan.

Doctors are asked to prepare their own patients Preoperative CBCT 2 months before course starts and set their treatment plan with our course assistant.

For more details please contact us:

Course Coordinator: Dr Ziad Tarek

E-mail: drziadtmahmoud@gmail.com

Mobile: 01122535355

AIDC office: +203 4811787