Laser Application in Dentistry


Dr. Jihad M. Habli

  • Professor a.c. in Laser Dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Genoa- Italy.
  • Coordinator of the University of Genova in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).
  • Coordinator of the Fellowship program in Laser Dentistry organized by the University of Genoa in Egypt.

Course Date: 2/11/2016

Course Title:

Laser Application in Dentistry It’s been ages since we talked about LASER. How many had the guts to try it fearing nothing? Very few have. I guarantee you this! So why don’t we take a closer look on LASER’s applications in dentistry with minimal risk and least talent needed!! Doctor-Smile laser products offer any dentist immediate startup in several fields.

Course objectives:
1. Course attendants will acquire enough knowledge about LASER types and general knowledge about their uses.

2. They will also gain detailed knowledge about Diode & ERBIUM LASER technique and applications.

3. Attendees will acquire full knowledge of doctor-smile laser products and its applications (with full details about each) and they will learn all about the cutting technique and sense of the system.

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