A Systematic Clinical Protocol (A-Z) For Indirect Ceramic Veneers

From Esthetic planning to Bonding. LIVE SHOW ON PATIENT

Duetto hands-on course by A. Prof. Tarek Salah, Head of Fixed Prosthodontics Department, AIn Shams Univ. & A. Prof. Mona Ghoneim, Associate Professor  Dept. of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Date : 3-5 November

Duration : 3 days

Tutorial : Practical/Clinical

A beautiful smile…              

From vision to reality


Tarek Salah Morsi, PhD

Head of Prosthodontics Department AinShams University & British International University (BUE), Cairo, Egypt.

Accredited Member of AACD, IADR, AADR, ISCD, and ICOI.

General Secretary of the IAERD, Visiting Professor MIU, FUE, Royal College MRD program instructor.


Dr Mona Ghoneim, PhD

Associate Professor  Dept. of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Visiting Associate Professor in the Operative & Esthetic Dentistry Department: Beirut Arab University, Lebanon since 2007 till now

Member of  AACD; IADR; AADR.

Official scientific speaker & opinion leader for Kerr, USA/ Switzerland; 3M ESPE, Dental products, St Paul, MN, USA ,  & Dentsply/DeTrey Germany  in the middle east

Overall Aims of Course

Treatment planning a full smile make-over is amazingly challenging. So many options and steps must be coordinated and controlled to achieve a successful outcome. Developing the Smile Design is just the starting point. Carefully integrating this design to function is the key. This hands on course will show how this process can be guided by logical and rational steps to achieve consistent and predictable solutions.
This course is aimed at providing theoretical & clinical information needed in diagnosing and management of patients’ esthetics and functional needs.  A great portion of this course is dedicated to hands-on experience in order to perform indirect ceramic veneers.

Teaching and learning methods:

A. Lectures

  1. This course aims to give the clinician a better understanding of the veneer process as a whole. It is also intended to help clinicians achieve effective treatment outcomes through diagnostics, smile design, sequential treatment planning, and different methods of fabricating mock-ups  ( cases will be presented)
  2. Detailed clinical information will be presented to improve the clinician’s knowledge and skills necessary for successful treatment with porcelain laminate veneers
  3. Identify different ceramic systems and preparations designs for construction of indirect veneers. No prep veneers, minimal prep, guided prep, traditional prep
  4. Understand and identify occlusion as it relates to esthetics
  5. Disscuss the causes of failure of esthetics restorations
  6. CAD/CAM designing & milling of veneers will be performed
  7. Different bonding techniques (resin luting) in order to achieve long term success.

B. Hands On: (Clinical Demos)

  1. Esthetic analysis professional photography session by Dr. Karim Yasser, clinical instructor Alexandria University.
  2. Preparations for indirect ceramic veneers live on patient.
  3. Digital Impressions.
  4. Construction of  esthetic & functional provisionals for veneers.
  5. CAD/CAM designing & milling of veneers.
  6. Esthetic characterization and staining.
  7. Resin luting of ceramic veneers live on patient.
  8. Adjustment of occlusion, finishing & polishing of ceramic veneers.
  9. Candidates will work on typodonts.

Hurry up seats are limited

Course Coordinator : Dr.Sherif Eldakak
Phone: 00 20 100 5231163
Email: dakkak79@yahoo.com